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The Bridge Issue Two


Comrades From The North

No Prophet's Son - by Stephen Scobie

Blonde On Blonde - The Record That Can't Be Set Straight (Part 1) by Roger Ford

This article is an updated version to the one that appeared in the magazine.  Roger would like to continue adding to the article so feedback on this and part two in issue three of The Bridge would be appreciated.  Please send any responses to our address or direct to Roger whose e-mail address is at the end of the article.

The Great Escape (I Want Ev'rybody To Be Free) by J.R. Stokes
Back Cover Issue 2

Different Point Of View - the Letters page

Bob Dylan And The Art Of Forgery by Terry Kelly

Bob Dylan: The Recording Sessions (Part 6) by Michael Krogsgaard

Other Strangers..... Gina Gershon And Linda Thompson by D. J. Taylor

Jotting Down Notes

The Dime Store compiled by Alan Hoaksey

Still On The Road - the setlists

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