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Comrades From The North

Thin Wild Mercury Sounds On Tyneside - Bob Dylan in Newcastle 1965 & 1966

by Terry Kelly - "stopping in for tea & eating the censor's donut by mistake" (Tarantula)

Series Of Dreams by John Burns

Listening to Series Of Dreams, the extraordinary last track on The Bootleg Series, one cannot fail to be struck by the way in which it seems to offer something like an artistic credo, and by the way in which its central metaphor opens up our understanding of Dylan's achievement.

Different Point Of View - the Letters page
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Bob Dylan: The Recording Sessions (Part 5) by Michael Krogsgaard

I am very happy that it is possible to continue this series of articles about Bob Dylan's studio sessions in The Bridge. We left last time in part 4 of the series with Saved, and I mentioned that all the rest of Bob Dylan's 1980s albums would be the result of multiple recording sessions and not just 3 or 5 days in the studio, as with most of his earlier albums. The recording of Shot Of Love was very complex and I'm afraid that it has not yet been possible to sort everything out.

Other Strangers..... Townes Van Zandt by Rod MacBeath

Jotting Down Notes

The Dime Store compiled by Alan Hoaksey

Still On The Road - the setlists

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