If only Dylan's touring schedule would co-incide neatly with our deadlines!! In order to complete the setlist for the recent tour we had no choice but to delay publication of this latest edition. Not by much but a delay nevertheless. For that we offer our apologies and seek your understanding. Whilst in this vein, there were a couple of photographs incorrectly credited in the last edition, Issue 6 so our apologies to those concerned. The photograph on the back cover was taken by Allen Bank in New York City on 12 August 1975, The Night of The Hurricane show at Madison Square Garden. In addition, the photograph from Ishgl, 1 May 1999 on page 57 was shot by Jens Winter. Many thanks to both.

You are no doubt aware that Dylan recently received (along with violinist Isaac Stern) the prestigious Polar Prize for Music from the Swedish King, Carl Gustaf, at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. Dylan appeared unmoved as he received the 1 million-kroner prize. Some described him as looking bored. Nevertheless, the audience pumped up the volume as they cheered and gave him a standing ovation. A case of another year, another award?

Those of you who get the chance to read the UK newspapers may have noticed the growing number of references to Dylan lyrics, used either as an eye-catching headline effect or within an article as a tool around which to develop a point. Strangely enough, many such references crop up in the sports pages of the broadsheets. Better yet, they are not always the toe-cringingly obvious ones about changing times and blowing winds. A recent feature in the Observer built a sports article around a couplet from Silvio. Pretty obscure, eh? Keep your eyes peeled - or maybe not. This could be the start of a real trivia backwater.

Remaining close to home, you will know that, after a few false starts and many intervening tours elsewhere, Dylan is finally re-visitng these islands and making a short trip back to Europe. The venues being played are certainly divergent covering almost all corners of the land! Unfortunately, many of the venues are large, aircraft-hangar, cavernous arenas with general admission and no decent seating. But what the heck, we hope that, if you plan on catching the shows, whichever you see you will enjoy!

You may notice as you peruse this edition that one of the regular sections is missing. We refer to Bob On The Net. Surprisingly there have been no new songs added to the web site since our last issue! Let's hope that this is a temporary hiatus in this project as it has become a source of very good live material as well as a worthwhile link up from the record company and Dylan's people to the fans.

Hope you enjoy this issue and glad to have you still on board.

May you climb on every rung.

Mike and John

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