Comrades From The North

After a decent lay-off Dylan was back out on the road in March and April with a series of excellent concerts. Presumably he had been sifting through the back-catalogue as he gave debuts to Country Pie and Tell Me That It Isn't True. He also rolled out the rarely-played Dear Landlord and We Better Talk This Over, returned to Dignity (much better versions than previously played) and wasted no time performing his latest recording Things Have Changed. These were some of the highlights among the consistently good performances as he took the travelling circus off the beaten track into the provinces of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and other wonderful spots. All in all not a bad way to start a new millennium.
On a sad note it was a great shock to learn of the death of our friend, John Green at the end of last year. John was a major collector and most people will have a copy of one Dylan show or another which came via John, however convoluted the route. He was a real genuine bloke, he was Mr Reliable - if he said he woud send it, you'd get it. He will be sorely missed (he already is) and we will not see his like again. We respectfully dedicate this issue to the memory of John Green.

May your song always be sung.

Mike and John

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