Comrades From The North

The wintertime is coming, the windows are filled with frost. Now that we have entered the season of short days and long nights, Dylan has finally finished touring after yet another record year. Far from making concessions to the ravages of time, he has ended the year in creative mode by fashioning a run of fine shows with very inventive set lists. Variety has been the watchword as he has re-invented the shows night after night. Amongst many interesting selections perhaps the most interesting has been Duncan and Brady. This traditional song was reportedly recorded by Dylan in June 1992 at Acme Recording Studios, Chicago as one of 26 cuts done with Dave Bromberg in a two-week spell sandwiched between North American and European Tours. This superb end to the touring year has produced a keen sense of anticipation for Dylan's shows in the new millennium.

On a sad note Doug Sahm died in late November. Sahm found fame initially as a member of the Sir Douglas Quintet in the 1960s scoring with a couple of Stateside hits. Dylan, of course, acted as a sideman during sessions Doug Sahm and Band in 1972 (co-incidentally Dave Bromberg also featured in these sessions). As sideman contributions go, this was a significant session with Dylan contributing, vocals, keyboards, guitar and harmonica. The version of Wallflower recorded here is virtually a Dylan recording so strong is his "background" vocal. Sahm also guested on a couple of Dylan shows in the Never-Ending Tour.

Thankfully, Dylan survives and endures, moreover he seems to thrive on his busy touring schedule. But right now he is recharging the batteries.

We are very pleased to welcome Michael Krogsgaard back in this issue with another look at the Bob Dylan Session.

We wish all our subscribers a happy and peaceful festive season and we look forward to your support, in all the various ways you provide it, into the new year (or should we say new millennium - twice in one article!)

May you climb on every rung.

Mike and John

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