Comrades From The North

It is good to be back with you once more and, as ever, it has been eventful in the Dylan world since the last issue. The shows have kept on coming and this time around there is a new drummer, George Recile. So it's thanks and goodbye to David Kemper who contributed real musicianship to the band in an understated, professional manner. All of this in addition to being the subject of Dylan's recent on-stage joke telling! We wish him well and look forward to the new regime as he shuffles out.Once again Dylan kept his late February diary free for possible attendance at the Grammy Awards and he was not disappointed. Not only was he called but he also rolled out a no-nonsense version of Cry Awhile to a standing ovation. After being nominated for three Grammys he won Best Contemporary Folk Album. If it's not one awards ceremony, it's another these days.

The recent CD release of the Rome 2001 press conference shows a Dylan who is very much with it. Still obviously apprehensive of journalists and press conferences, he nevertheless has a veritable twinkle in the voice as he infuses his responses with humour and vitality. Don't expect any real answers though, things haven't changed that much.

It seems that, with each issue of The Bridge, we have to report on the death of someone who has played a part in the Dylan story. Sadly, Dave Van Ronk, the elder statesman of the New York folk scene, died recently. Providing the young Dylan, fresh-faced in New York City, with knowledge and intelligence of the scene, informing his repertoire, not to mention an occasional place to crash, he was an important part of Dylan's formative time in the grand metropolis.

This is the last issue of the year so we'd like to say a big Thank you to all of our subscribers and contributors. Your support, input and encouragement is greatly appreciated. We hope that you will stay on board for the trip and re-subscribe for issues 13-15.

We hope you get to see a good show or two between now and then

May you climb on every rung.

Mike and John

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